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Taking Time Out..

On Monday I took extra time out to reset and recharge as the weekend wasn’t enough.

I meditated down at a local waterfall for a couple of hours and it helped enormously.

I am including it now 3 times a week x 30 minutes, because I need it and I can. What about you?

As mentioned, my wife had Covid a month ago and I didn’t according to several tests, however my body and brain has been feeling like it has. Fatigue, brain fog, grogginess, headaches and aching tired legs. I am hearing many people have these symptoms either directly from Covid or from other viruses and flu strains going around since the cold weather struck a month ago.

I am fortunate enough working for myself to be able to able to adjust my schedule to suit.

What about you?

If you are an employee as I have been, how easy is it for you to take time off?

To openly say I need a day off. How would that go down with your boss? Supported or not?

What about taking a Mental Health Day? Encouraged or discouraged?

Many companies have this in their employment conditions now. Given the last 3 years many people need it. In fact, psychologists are now saying many people on the East Coast are walking around with PTSD like symptoms. Glazed over eyes and just running on auto pilot with suppressed emotions and fatigue.

A ticking time bomb!!

So how are you going, really going??

Do you need to take time out? A day, a week a month?

Can you afford to? Can you afford not to?

What is it really costing you in terms of your health, your relationships, your performance to pretend that everything is ok?

Are you able to communicate how you are really going to those that need to hear it?

What would make the difference for you?

Take great care of yourself, for yourself.

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