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Understanding the dire consequences of not taking care of ourselves.

Hi friends,

How are you going with taking better care of yourself ? (loving yourself)

The last few weeks I have been looking into the whole love thing since Valentines Day.

1.      First there was how to create lasting love by learning our partners love and hurt language. Having this knowledge is  invaluable in our efforts to keep the love going year after year.

2.      Then there was ‘start by loving ourselves’ first. Taking better care of ourselves because we are worth it despite the events in our life or what people have said.   

3.      Then I acknowledged for many people this isn’t easy. If we have been hurt, we sadly don’t value ourselves as we must.

4.      Today I want to discuss the consequences of not loving ourselves more. I mentioned last week, when we have been hurt and feel unloved, we un love ourselves. We drown our pain in addictive behaviours that don’t serve us or the people around us very well.

I mentioned how we can get depressed, start taking drugs, become addicted to gambling or porn or consume too much alcohol or food!

Some are easy to hide from ourselves and others. Food is not!

Anorexics or obesity are the obvious ones we notice.

This week I was reminded of the obesity epidemic in not just Australia but the western world. ¾ of Americans are predicted to become obese by 2030!! OMG!

In Australia we are not far behind. Our obesity rate has doubled in the last decade to 60%

Not only does being obese make it difficult to move, to walk, to stay healthy, but our health/sickness system isn’t coping.

Diabetes rates are doubling. You have 3 times more chance of getting cancers if you are obese. So, in any language its not healthy.

Of course, diabetes type 2 and obesity are reversable.

What can we do?

 Lean into your friend and when you see them struggling with their movement or their  eating, whisper to them what you are observing. Ask them if they would like some support? If so, what support would help ? (to change their thinking about themselves and the unhealthy actions they take)

With love Derek

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