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To create a movement of Happier, Healthier, more Connected, Caring and Fulfilled people!

Given the last few years of Bushfires, Covid 19 , Floods and now interest rates hikes here in Australia, there has never been a greater time, than perhaps the great depression or the world wars where we need to come together, care for each other for us and or our communities to thrive. 

How to, in a world that has us often feeling like we are just surviving?

By being open to learning a better way of thinking and being. To then grow, to thrive and then share this way of being. By making a stand to change your world and join or create a better one. 

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Derek Rogers

Derek rebranded himself and his vision and co -created ‘The Thrive Movement Australia’ in late 2019 after 10

years of developing and delivering workshops for organisations. His new vision is bigger than himself, and is designed to be a platform for people and organisations to learn to connect, grow, care and share what it takes to actually thrive. 

Derek is truly passionate about living a healthy and purposeful life. One that has him empowering and transforming people and organisations to be happier, safer, healthier and high performing. THRIVING!


He comes from a successful career in all Education settings, including TAFE in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia where he was an Industry Project Officer for 5 years, negotiating training requirements, designing and then co-delivering.  In schools his roles have included PE, Health and Outdoor Education Teacher, together

with several department Co-ordinator positions. Derek’s background also includes WH&S both as a Health and Safety Officer for Government Departments and delivery of training in all aspects of Risk Management OH&S Compliance and Auditing. He is a trained Return to Work Officer.


His training is comprehensive , apart from his Teaching qualifications, a Diploma of Education Adults and a Certificate IV in Workplace Trainer and Assessor. He completed a Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and

Mentoring after more than 15 years studying human potential, through formal and informal training. This

included completing all the Landmark Education training, NLP training with Chris Howard and Tony Robbins.

He is a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, with further training in Eastern philosophies and practices, including many Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Buddhism . 

He is also a Mental Health First Aid Trainer.


This training has included studying the latest in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Leadership and

becoming a qualified and experienced Peak Performance/Success, Health and Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

He is an active contributor of 2 Men’s Circles which empower men to be the best versions of themselves, for their self, their families and their communities.

Derek recently delivered a 12 months  3 part Health and Wellbeing program, working with mainly rural men

across Country NSW.

Module 1 covered all aspects of igniting Health and Wellbeing.

Module 2 covered Self Awareness of Thinking and Behaviour habits.

Module 3 covered Looking Out For and Supporting Each Other. 


With ever increasing numbers of people suffering from poor mental health, including depression, anxiety,

stress, poor sleep, disengagement, then there is the obesity epidemic. Now more than ever, there is a need for his skills and knowledge to make an enormous difference for the health, wellbeing and performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

Why Derek - his lived experience is his unique advantage. An ordinary middle-aged Aussie bloke, who has lived in rural Australia in Qld, Vic and SA. In a car club, craft beer club, golf and former cricket and footy club. Has been divorced and has kids. He was diagnosed and has suffered from depression a few years ago and has family members with several mental health conditions.

Some of the larger organisations Derek has made a difference for include-

Deakin University, Austin Hospital, ABB Australia. Vic Roads, Essential Energy NSW, Turner & Townsend Global WA, R@R Corporate Health


Derek is a Communications, Mental Health and Thrive expert.

His expertise and key interests focus on –

  1. Resilience and Mental Health

  2. Increasing Productivity and Performance- via better health, communication and engagement

  3. Stress Management

  4. Creating Cultural change and Employee Engagement

  5. Health and Safety prevention specialist

  6. Transformational Team building in house and adventure retreat

  7. Transformational Leadership development

  8. Personal and Executive Coaching- Career, Life, Health


Derek is based on the Sunshine Coast and travels widely. He is available in person, through Skype or Zoom,

email and phone.

He loves family time, golf, the beach, rainforests, bushwalking, craft beer and racing his car.

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