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How to Thrive in today's fast world?

A thought provoking and engaging presentation on what it takes to thrive in a world that has many people often feeling like they are just surviving!

Not just a talk, but a hands on practical presentation that produces transformational results. 

Deakin University Education Conference 

‘Surviving the first 5 years’ – Strategies for Resilience

I Spoke to the new Education / Teacher graduates about the vital skills they will need to avoid being a statistic. 1 in 4 burnout in the first 4 years!
I covered the mindset required, the diet needed, the exercise that would make the difference. I covered this utilizing all the domains of health, together with the latest wellbeing based science from the West, combined with the ancient wisdom from the East.

National Workplace Physiological Injury Conference 


‘Creating a Culture of Wellness’

I spoke about the need to flip the focus, from physiological injury prevention to creating a culture of wellness.


If our focus is on injury prevention, we are not looking at the big picture and the result is limited success.


If our focus is on creating a culture of wellness where everybody thrives, then not only does injury statistics go down, but performance, collaboration, engagement, co-operation alertness, decisiveness and staff retention goes up.


Conflict and absenteeism goes down.

When people thrive, the organisation thrives.

Derek Rogers
'The Thrive Movement Australia' Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker,
Facebook @thethrivemovementaustralia


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