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How to keep your reputation and waist line under control this silly season!!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

If you are the person who could possibly over eat and put on 5 kilos out of no where or drink to drunken behaviour like in the movie, pay attention?

Have you regretted that photocopier incident, that kiss, that “I love you”, or that punch on, and lost your job, your reputation, your relationship, your waist line, and of course your health, then you may need to pay attention.

Below are not just my tips based on my 15 years of research and training, but the longest live communities in the world. The ones who live in the 'blue zones'.


1. Over eating? Give yourself permission to try a bit of everything this Xmas period with your work break up, family and try all of your Mum’s home cooking. Apart from that day, try the 5 second diet. Ask yourself after 5 seconds, do I really need to eat or drink this? Have a peppermint tea after big meals to aid digestion and include a walk, otherwise it sets like concrete as you will probably have felt. I know I have. The simple carbs (bread/ rice/ pasta), anything white and processed, your body converts these to sugars and you’ll probably put on weight! Eat only to 80% full like the longest living communities.

2. Over drinking? Drink more water and less alcohol, or one alcohol to one water if out at a party. If drinking is a problem for you, please have the courage to seek help, for yourself, your liver, your relationships, even your bank account. Drink filtered water where possible. Have you seen the filters after they need changing? Either buy a filter or become a filter.

3. You don’t have to catch up with every friend, attend every Christmas or New Year party, eat all the food or drink all the free alcohol. Be selective, be smart and ask yourself which ones you really want to attend. That advice you got or should have got when you were 18, ‘pace yourself’ and you might actually not damage your liver, brain, stomach or reputation, or put on 10kg.!

4. Avoid soft drinks, sport drinks, and energy drinks, they will make you feel worse in the heat and the sugar converts to fat if you are not burning it off and they irritate your stomach. For more energy, get a better night’s sleep. Avoid stimulus and meditate before sleep.

5. Its BBQ time of year. Go easy on the sausages and red meat. It is the worst fat. It blocks your arteries. The main artery to your heart is only 1/5th the width of your little finger!! That’s why the longest living communities in the world only eat meat about once a week or less!

6. The science is out, you east fast, you die faster. Eat slower, put your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls to slow you down. You will need 1/3rd less food to be full and you will absorb 20% more…

7. Get into those salads, there are hundreds, add quinoa or chick peas as a protein with every meal and you’ll look better, feel better, trim down and have energy and vitality to burn….

8. The longest living communities in the world don’t go to the gym, or run or ride!!

You don't have to go to the gym to stay fit. Move more, stretch more, walk more. If you don’t, you will lose your bodies conditioning! Commit daily to basic pushups and pilates planks, swim, run, ride or play a sport to maintain or start some toning and core strength. This will help your back too. Along with your daily minimum 30 min walk, you will be feeling and looking better in no time.

9. Avoid most sunscreens and moisturizers which contain mineral oil (petrol) based ingredients, moisturizers and preservatives with ‘benzylidene ‘benzoates’ (also called parabens). You can now get clear Zinc ones without nano particles. See your local Health Food store or good Chemist.


1. Rest your brain, its probably been going over time this year, with bushfires and COVID, it needs rest from the daily mind chatter, learn to deep breathe (in for 4, hold for 7 and out for 8,) anytime during the day you fel overwhelmed or annoyed. Plus meditate daily, you will live longer, have better relationships, better productivity and suffer less.

2. Use this time of the year to connect or re - connect with your family and friends. The happiest, least depressed and longest living communities in the world, stay connected. Get complete, have that conversation that you have been putting off with others who you may have harmed or they may have harmed you. Dig deep and let go of that past conflict (what if over half of cancer/disease is from internal pain not released. Let go!! If the mind is not at ease, the body will create disease!!) What is that story you are holding onto?

3. Walk more, it’s also a great distress tool. Walk and talk is always good. Walk and reflect, or don’t think and just observe and be present to your surroundings. This will have a big impact on reducing your stress levels. Observing the wonder of nature, flowers, plants, bees, birds- mother nature = nurturing our soul.

4. Be aware that when we look DOWN as we walk, we are caught up in our thoughts. Whereas looking UP clears our mind chatter to just appreciate the beauty we are in…

SPIRITUAL Who are you? Connecting to your higher purpose

1. The holiday break could be the ideal time to sort yourself out and get clear about what you really want and don’t want in your life, for your life!!

2. Use this time to find some quiet time. No distractions, no artificial stimulus that has been bombarding you every day and all year. Get out of your head, to feel your heart, to listen to your gut. It is always the truth/the way.

Being in nature helps provide the environment for this. It’s there all year. What’s left of it. The beach? The mountains? The park? Your choice.

Sit and when the noise stops or at least slows down, listen for what is really going on for you. What work on yourself do you need to do that you have been putting off?

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS !! Most never work because people do not have a success plan..

If you are serious, write them down and have someone hold you accountable to them, a Coach!!

But first ask yourself WHY, a really big why do I need to change…..? The HOW will come.

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals






Hope this makes a difference for you. With love Derek

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