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How are you going? How are you really going?

Updated: Feb 6

Hi friends,

I’m back. I just needed to step back last year as previously mentioned. Too much trying and not enough allowing. Then it was constant family stuff.

It’s already the end of January as I write this.

How are you going? How are you really going??

Have you just hit the ground running this year and it’s already leaving you catching up?

Have you not started yet, waiting for things to unfold?

Are you taking things easy, cruising into the year, but not sure about your future?

Maybe you know you don’t want a year like last year! Speaking to colleagues in the industry, most people had a crap year last year. Lots of unfortunate events. I know I did.

So, what’s going to be different for you?

I know for me it’s time to get back on the saddle as I’m feeling the calling to be of service to my communities again.

Can you answer just these 3 questions -

1.       If you haven't already, what do you really want your life to look and feel like this year.

( no buts)

2.       What do you need to give up/ let go of, to have this life?

3.       What will it do for you if you can make it happen?


Just start with these big questions. The SMART goal setting and action plan with accountability can come later.

I have learnt the hard way if we don’t take charge of our life, life will take charge of us!

So, what path or whose path are you on now?

Take some time out, find a quiet place in nature, take some deep breaths and just sit with it…

The answers will come. Because the old Taoist saying says, ‘’Silence is not an empty place, but a place full of answers”. We just have to have the courage to lean into it.


Love to hear your feedback, as it helps me too!


What do you think of my new look and focus website, where the focus is back on you as an individual?  

Derek :)

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