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The 5 Benefits of Stopping!

Taking the time to STOP ! (stop doing and start being)

Hi Friends,

Last week I asked you how your wellbeing program was going for the year so far?

Have you consciously made one that is serving you to THRIVE?

I have found the hard way, that the hope or maybe method of change is not a successful or reliable strategy.

Remember if we don’t take charge of our life, life will take charge of us as my first peak performance mentor told me. Then we may not like the path or road we are going down!

So how did you go with the Easter break? Did you create some time out from your busy life to STOP and smell the roses?

Have you also learnt by now that you need to take time out every day, not just wait until the weekend or Easter or Xmas to STOP!

I’m hearing so many people complaining how busy their life is and how fast it is going.

Of course, there is busy and then there is productive! Often 2 totally different things.

Have you learnt that slowing down will have you go faster?

Western wellbeing science is now proving what the ancients from the East have known and practiced for eons, that daily wellbeing practices that have us STOP and be present like-

·         Taking just 2 minutes to take some slow deep breaths

·         Stepping back from our task we are working on

·         Having a drink of water

·         Going for a short walk and looking up to clear our head

·         Stretching, dancing like no one is watching

Will all help us to –

1.      Perform better by being able to stay focused longer

2.      Reduce our blood pressure, stress, anxiety, hypertension etc..

3.      Think more clearly

4.      Be more creative

5.      Be more attentive to loved ones, colleagues, tasks

What about enjoying life more by being more present to our life!!

So, what would make a difference for your wellbeing this week?

What do you need to start doing or more of?

What do you need to stop doing or do less of?  

Do you have someone who will hold you accountable?

With love,

Derek 😊


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