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Use Nature to Recharge Your Immune System and Energy!

How are you going? How are you really going?

Last week I wrote about getting out in nature and my overdue need to be on a bushwalk/hike.

That I could feel it was what my mind, body and soul had been seeking for months.

There is in fact a new and an ancient term for this beautiful nurturing experience is called 'Forest Bathing'.

How did you go with spending time, possibly more time than usual in nature.

Last weekend I spent time at the beach. I have always been drawn to the beach.

What about you? Or is it the mountains. For me its both.

When I ask how people and organisations how they are going currently, I'm still getting-

  • exhausted

  • at capacity

  • tired

  • stuffed

  • overwhelmed

Its not surprising given the continuing uncertainty in our world. Our brain is spending too much time in its flight or fight mode instead of the preferred rest and digest mode. When we feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed our system slows down digestion and our immune system focus on running away or fighting the perceived danger.

This is why many of us, including my self have felt less energetic than usual over the last 3 years.

It's also why so many people are getting sick with colds and the flu this winter.

When our immune system is weak we are vulnerable to catching what ever is going around.

How do we charge up our immune system and energy?

  • Eat mainly fresh fruit and veg

  • Avoid processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol, drugs, cigs.

  • Drink lots of water. Keep your urine clear.

  • Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night

  • Let go of anxiety, stress and over whelm by practicing mindfulness and meditation several times a day and especially at night.

  • Spend time daily in green quiet spaces.

  • Avoid loud and unhappy people.

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