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Empowering you to be Happier, Healthier and Higher Performing in any or all areas of your life, for the rest of your life. To THRIVE! 

Derek Rogers being grateful on the beach

                              Derek Rogers
'Taking time out to STOP, Reconnect, Reset and Reinvigorate'
1. Nurture the Soul/Spirit
2. Calm and Clear the Mind

3. Move and Feed the Body well.

I have learnt the hard way, that to 'Thrive' we need to look at this quest/ challenge from a wholistic approach. ( No holes here)
What if the art and science of thriving in a world that has us set up to just survive, was not about connecting first our Body, Mind and then Soul, but given the last few years of Covid 19, Bushfires, Floods and Interest Rates, what is actually needed is a Soul, Mind then Body approach? 
I see and hear people who have been working out, eating better, setting goals, but are still not happy with their life and health, particularly their mental health. 
Soul or Spirit first is who we are. Ever calling us to connect with our true self, our higher self. We know it, we often feel it, our gut instinct, our intuition, trying to guide us daily. 
I have learnt, the more I stop and listen to this inner guiding/knowing, the better my life flows and goes! 
Are you unhappy, stressed, anxious or struggling and either don't know why, or just sick and tired of being sick and tired and your doctor or counselor isn't really helping?
What if most illnesses, diseases, even cancers can be avoided, if we keep ourselves well and do the daily things we know to THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE?
Then let's connect and see where you may look for better results that you deserve. 
It may be support with me, it may be with someone else. It may be just you, stopping enough to look within. In a world where most people are constantly focused on their outer world, now could be the time to have the courage to look within!

Image by Scott Graham
Have you been affected by the fallout from the  Bushfires, Covid 19, Floods and Interest Rates over the last few years?

    Have you been feeling or struggling with-

  • Being Flat , little motivation or drive ?

  • Depressed ?

  • Anxiety ?

  • Lack of Energy ?

  • Uncertain about your future ?

  • Troubled with relationships ?

  • Worried ?

  • Concerned about gaining weight ?

  • Concerned about your drinking ?

  • Concerned about your addictions ?

  • Concerned about your behaviour with others or yourself ?


You are not alone! 

Over a 1/3 of Victorians are presenting to Psychologists with these PTSD type symptoms.

The not good news is Psychologists now are fully booked with extensive waiting lists.

The good news is most people, don't need Psychologists or Counsellors. Nor have found them effective. 

Most of these concerns can be sorted with a internationally qualified Neuro or Mindset Coach like myself. 

Mindset Coaching has been proven to be the most efficient and effective way to change human behaviour. 

The trouble with most Psychologists, Therapists and Counsellors is they get caught up in our stories and this can take months or years to work through. 

Costing you a fortune in money and time!

Austin Hospital Melbourne
Vic Roads
Deakin University Melbourne
Some of the organisations I have worked with.
Shedding The Blues Mens support group
Turner & Townsend Perth
LBW Business & Wealth Advisors
Essential Energy NSW
Geelong Chamber of Commerce
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Lend Lease
Cleanaway Australia
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