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Derek's Tips For Mindfulness & Well being: Tip 1

Performance Up – Stress and Anxiety down ! Being powerfully ‘PRESENT’ – Living in the ‘NOW’, being in the ‘ZONE’

You probably have heard of these statements, but what are they really about, what do they mean and what is the big deal.

What if you could easily double your performance / productivity, while remaining calm, present and focused a lot more than you do now.

What difference would it make to your life and that of those around you?

Think about it, before we even get out of bed in the morning our brains are off and racing.

I’ve learnt the average person has over 6,000 thoughts a day, most of those were the same as yesterday and most of those were negative thoughts!!

We can easily be stressed out even before we start work!

Getting the kids, the partner, the dog, the cat all fed, lunch ready and at school, at work on time every day, can test us right.

Then we have to fight our way through the traffic and try and get to work on time, put on a smile, say I’m good and be in the space to make a difference for your clients.

What if there was a better way of being or thinking or to be specific, not actually thinking.

I know every time I misplace or drop something, it is because my mind was not fully present at the time.

Just going from the bedroom to the kitchen or bathroom, I can forget what I was going to do.

I know you may think I’m losing my marbles or starting to suffer from dementia, but I have learnt it is actually because I am not watching my thoughts.

All day long we usually spend our time thinking about the future that hasn't happened or on the past that is gone!! Most of us dwell in these areas nearly all the time.

As a consequence we miss out on most of our own lives.

Wow such a powerful statement and way of being or as in my case and others was not.

The book by Echart Tolle 'The Power of Now' changed my life and has many others.

The trick is to practice being fully present at all times.

Be the observer of your thoughts, not a slave to your thoughts.

Slowdown that brain of yours and live longer!! Guaranteed.

Ok 80% in the now, right now, 10 % learning from the past and 10% planning the future.

I once read that most of our suffering in life is because we are not totally present to our life…. Our mind our thoughts are usually somewhere else.

Even when we say we are listening, we are usually still talking to ourselves.

Just try driving down the road for 1 kilometre without having a thought to do with driving.

Just try meditating for 1 minute for the first time without having a thought, a song, a voice come into your head..

It took me a while to get it, but boy is it a powerful way of being / living. I’m now happier, calmer and way more productive.

Why not give it a go!


Derek Rogers The Thrive Movement Australia Thriving Workplaces and Communities, Consultant, Speaker, Coach. Facebook @thethrivemovementaustralia

mb 0425 712350

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