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Does your workplace have a culture that has you THRIVING?

Hi Friends,

I wrote about this very problem a couple of years ago.

Whats changed for you at your workplace? Has it gotten better or worse?

I’m hearing many people are still struggling, getting sick, getting Covid, burning out.

Most of it is coming from an unsupportive workplace. One where people are being asked to work long hours, have high work demands with poor support or understanding of their needs.

So how are you going, how are you really going given high interest rates??

I have been filling in doing EAP Career Coaching services for an international company who has national and Government contracts. I’m finding many need ‘Wellbeing Coaching’ instead!

 I’m hearing terrible examples of people not being supported. Bullying, micromanaged and/or abused in large institutions including Government. All workplaces now have a legal duty of care to provide a psychologically safe workplace.

Sadly, I’m hearing many just want to leave. In the past, 75% of people left their work because of their boos however now its reportedly 85%! Why? This is mainly due to them having poor people or EQ skills. Less than 13% of leaders have had actual leadership training!

With the challenges of Covid and hybrid working, a distant or directive, task orientated boss is not what we need. We need more leaders that care and show they care through their words and actions.

Does your workplace have a culture that supports you to thrive?

One that meets our basic human needs of being –

  • Listened to

  • Valued

  • Included

  • Trusted

  • Nurtured

  • Belonging

  • Educated

  • Recognised

  • Celebrated

If it does, we will be so loyal, you will have to tell us to go home, to take holidays, because we won’t want to leave!

These are the basic elements I learnt whilst studying leadership, that are part of the Judith Glasser model of Thriving Workplaces. Healthy vs Unhealthy or toxic!

These are the crucial elements I assist workplaces to include and embed.


Love to hear your thoughts.


Take great care of yourself, for yourself.

With love


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