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Happy and Healthy you = High Performing you

Hi Friends,

How are you going today? Right now?

Just take a few slow deep breaths and check in on yourself.. Out of 10?

If not an 8, what could you do to get you up to an 8?


In my last blog I wrote about the poor workplace cultures which had several of my clients sadly now on extended leave. Burnt out, stressed out, exhausted, not heard, not valued.

I asked how your workplace is looking after you? Good or bad. Love to hear your thoughts.

I wrote about the basic needs we all have being-

·         Listened to

·         Valued

·         Included

·         Trusted

·         Belonging

·         Nurtured

·         Educated

·         Recognized

·         Celebrated

I even developed a model based upon Judith Glasser’s work on what a healthy vs unhealthy organisation looks like.

So what is missing in your workplace that would make a difference for you?

Who could you speak to?

What is within your control?

Sadly many government organisations as mentioned, say a lot, have a policy, but don’t walk the talk.

The recent ABC report into the Education department in WA described it as having a toxic workplace wellbeing environment. Systems set up to burn out their staff.

Sadly hospitals are the same.

So how is your own wellbeing program holding up for you? A good test is -

  • How is your sleep going?

  • How is your diet going?

  • How is your exercise program going?

  • How is your alcohol or drug consumption going?

What have you learnt from all the wellbeing tips we have discussed that you need to be and perform well?

We all have good intentions, but then challenges come along don’t they and before we know it, the wheels have fallen off our plans..

What’s missing now that would make the most difference for you?

Do you have a buddy, someone to hold you accountable?

With love as always


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