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Happy Tummy, Happy You?

Hi friends,

How are you going? How are you really going?

I recently wrote about our gut. Listening to it daily for feedback.

Feedback an hour or two later. Is it a happy tummy or unhappy tummy exhibiting as pains, bloating, cramping, burping, or farting ? Normal you say, but not healthy I have learnt.

I watched the Netflix documentary last night called ‘Hack your health : The secrets of the gut.’

Finally, so called modern or Western medicine is acknowledging  the need to look at our health from a more wholistic approach. Researchers are learning that our gut and its microbiome, controls and affects more of our body and brain than previously thought.

We have a key nerve called the ‘Vagus’ nerve which directly communicates between the brain and gut. Ever had a brain freeze from eating ice cream?

It also turns out that most of our” feel good” hormones ‘Serotonin’ are made in the colon.

Researchers  are also discovering that someone who can’t lose weight and someone who is naturally thin have very different gut biomes.

The slightly disgusting but miraculous new thing is ‘fecal transplants’ or FMT. For example, taking the poo from a thin person and giving their poo to an obese person in dried capsule form works in a day or two!! Amazing!

Would you do this if it meant not having conditions such as obesity, depression or the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?

So, what is your gut telling you. What health condition could be improved by changing your gut biome?

Love to hear from you.

With love


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