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Have you taken time out for you?

Hi Friends, How are you going? Really going? How did you go with taking some time out for YOU?

I wrote last week about my need to just STOP.. To spend more time in nature to rest, reset and recharge. All the hustling, all the hurrying, doesn't necessarily make us more efficient or more productive. In fact the opposite can and probably will occur.

  • our Health,

  • our Relationships and

  • our Performance can suffer.

How did you go asking for time off from-

  • Yourself?

  • Your boss

  • Your Partner/Kids

You may feel like you need a holiday and you probably do, but what are the daily or the weekly things you can do to keep your fire going? What are you feeding your body and your brain to fuel it in a long lasting and sustainable way? Do you treat your body like a temple or a rubbish tip? Where do you know you need to go and spend time in? What activities replenish your spirit? Guilt and Shame can get in the way! We all suffer from this during our lives. We are made to feel guilty by our parents, our partner, our children if we don't do what they want right now!! Sound familiar? What about at work, will the company collapse if you have a day off? Have you already taken time off from Covid and any more wouldn't go down well? Saying no is something we all need to get better at! I have learnt to say no, right now, but I add "I can in .... minutes or hours or days time." This way it is a yes, but on your terms. Take great care of yourself, for yourself. Putting yourself last, doesn't serve you or the people who depend on you. If you would like to discuss this for Consulting, Training or Coaching just book a time when suits.

'To your Health, as its our no.1 Wealth'

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