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How's Your 'Self Care' going?

Hi Friends, How are you going? Really going? Last week I wrote about many people, including myself, are feeling exhausted and wondering why. I mentioned I found out my iron levels were really low. What about you though? How are your energy levels going? How did you go recognizing the signs of exhaustion in yourself first, then others second. Let's be honest, Is your health, relationships and performance suffering?

Most of us can see others going downhill, but we are not so good with ourselves. Or is it we just wont give ourselves permission to STOP, even for 10 minutes? like you saw with me last week in the hammock. For me even 5 minutes combined with deep slow breathing. In for 4, hold for 7, out for 8, makes a huge difference. Whether its during the day to de-stress or at night to get back to sleep. I mentioned to work out and commit to on a regular basis the things that recharge you, re energize you and bring you back to life. We all have slightly different needs, but paying attention to the '5 Domains of Health' is a common factor for all of us. The image above is one I adopted from the WHO (World Health Organisations) 5 Domains of health I used to teach in year 11 Health. Which area would make the most difference for your sustainable HEALTH, ENERGY & PERFORMANCE? 1. Physical Health? 2. Mental Health? 3. Emotional Health? 4. Social Health? 5. Spiritual Health? 6. Dont forget to add Supports?

See the above image for more details or get in touch below.

If you would like to discuss this for Consulting, Training or Coaching just book a time when suits.

'To your Health, as its our no.1 Wealth'

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