How to build a strong immune system this winter!

Hi Friends, How are you going? Really going? I’m hearing many are getting sick recently. In fact, my wife had Covid last week and I didn't. Why? Probably a strong immune system! From Melbourne's sudden cold to the NSW and Qld Coast of nonstop rain, it all has had a further impact on our health and its guard, our immune system. What are the simple things you and I can do to help stay health this winter?


Professor Matthew Walker who is a leading sleep scientist informs us that we need at least 6 hours minimum a night to maintain our health. Others like Tom Grady (Superbowl champ) and I need 9 hours.


In winter we can be more dehydrated with internal heating and not feeling thirsty from cooler weather. Drinking good old fashion healthy herbal teas helps too.


Fresh home grown or local growers market fruit and veg is and always will be, our best and healthiest option. Fried food and breads might be tempting comfort foods, but they are tricking your brains survival function. We are hard wired to seek out fats, salts and sugars, we just need to be much smarter than the big junk food companies advertising.


If you are not yet aware of it, stress switches on our sympathetic nervous system. Our flight or fight primitive survival brain. It then pumps out into our bodies, usually harmful cortisol. When this happens our digestive system and immune system switch off!!

Reduce stress by-

  • Focusing on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness is one powerful way to stop stress causing anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Focus on what’s within your control VS out of your control.

  • Focus on re framing your negative thoughts to positive ones.

And thanks to Adrian Swancar for the great image above.

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