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How to keep your health and wellbeing from being smashed at work!

Hi Friends, How are you going? Really going? Last week I wrote about the importance of great 'Self Care Practices' in these very challenging times. Which area did you choose to work on for your sustainable HEALTH, ENERGY & PERFORMANCE? Or was it a couple of activities from different Domains? 1. Physical Health? 2. Mental Health? 3. Emotional Health? 4. Social Health? 5. Spiritual Health? 6. Dont forget to add Supports?

What did you notice ?

I had a company put their mental health awareness training on hold again today for another 3 months whilst they get their people up to speed with their new software system. 1 month delay is now a 4 month delay!!

What they aren't considering is the possible bigger cost from stressed out, overwhelmed and anxious staff!

Just 1 Mental Health claim can cost an average of $120,000 and the first 42 days are the organisation's responsibility, whether work related or not.

Not to mention, poor communication and productivity from being too long in our 'fight or flight' region of our brain.

What can you do to protect your health and wellbeing?

Set work boundaries on your time and responsibility.

Its usually expected to 'just push through this period.

Try pushing back and up by saying-

- From "it needs to be completed by this week" to "when does it actually need to be done by?"

- From "this is now the top priority", to "I currently have ...on and the impact of not doing it is... " "Which do you want me to prioritize?"

- Just push through to, "I need extra support with...."

- Take a mental health care day and recommend your colleagues do the same if they need it and to make a point.

- If it continues to be a sick or even toxic unsupported culture , look for another job that shares your values.

- Make your health and wellbeing your top priority as it may not be your employers!

See the above image for more details or get in touch below.

If you would like to discuss this for Consulting, Training or Coaching just book a time when suits.

'To your Health, as its our no.1 Wealth'

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