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How to prevent the 2 biggest killers of our men.

Last week was Men’s Health Week. I thought there would be plenty of messages and tips for better diets, exercise or mindsets. I am a big picture thinker and impact person, so I posted some social media on the two biggest killers of men dying too young!!


15–45-Year-old's SUICIDE AIH&W (Aus Institute for Health & Wellbeing)

You might have thought that car accidents or death by misadventure was the biggest killer of youth, young and middle-aged men.

Preventing Suicide (adopted from Mental Health First Aid Aus and my own experiences)

1. Listen to them. Just listen. Don’t judge, fix or give advice. Not easy to do, but we must all get better at this. If we wont those we love and care about to open up to us, they must first trust us not to judge, pity or try to tell them what to do.

(50% of calls to Lifeline want someone to just listen)

2. Ask if they are ok, as you have noticed …… and you are just concerned about them because you care/love them. This may take several attempts. Choose a safe space to ask this..

3. Ask what support would make a difference for them right now? Rather than saying how can I help you. If no idea, suggest GP Psych or Counsellor. Check in with them regularly to see if they have.

4. Encourage positive action When I suffered from depression, I had no motivation, so telling me to do something didn’t help. What did was someone I trusted coming over and taking me out for a coffee and chat. Then taking me to things that I enjoyed that I had stopped doing.

50–90-year-old's HEART ATTACKS

1. Eating a better diet. Eg: junk food VS clean home grown food, not eating diary or red meat or smoking, sleeping better, more exercise and practicing meditation and mindfulness.

2. The no. 1 indicator/test we are not going to have a heart attack in the next year is to have a CAS (Calcium Arterial Score) test. I had one as my dad died when he was 59 and looked fit and healthy although he stressed and didn’t sleep well. It is non-invasive, quick and painless.

Please take some action NOW for you, for the people who care about you and would be devastated if you weren’t here!!

Don’t think it could happen to you. I’m sure Shane Warne thought the same..

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