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Is The Food You Are Eating Causing You Issues?

Is The Food You Are Eating Causing You Issues?

Last week I wrote about the food and drink we usually automatically choose based upon how we are feeling at the time and how these choices are often the worst choices for our health.

How did you go identifying how and why you make your choices and how you can prepare through prior planning, possibly some better choices for your weight, energy, arteries, mood, skin, stomach, prevent cancer etc. Health!!

Love to hear about your breakthroughs or breakdowns as we can all learn from both.

This week I will share with you my struggle over the last few years with certain foods.

Have you had a lovely meal, only to feel bloated, cramping or stabbing pain in your tummy after? What about feeling spaced out, so called brain fog and fatigue?

This has been happening to me for a while now and I have been trying to work it myself by.

  • Listening to my body after I eat or drink and trying to connect that food or drink with the discomfort, then reducing or eliminating it from my diet.

  • I have sadly realized I am now ‘gluten intolerant’. It causes me brain fog and bloating. I thought I surely wasn’t, as I had been only eating ‘Sourdough bread’ (about 95% gluten free/dissolved) the only type of bread made, until less than a hundred years ago when modern chemicals and industry made it quickly in a couple of hours instead of 24 hours.

Unfortunately, our Australian Wheat has been genetically modified 1000’s of times, treated with gamma rays and more by the CSIRO to make it more drought and frost tolerant, taller and disease resistant. All great for the farmer, however someone forgot to test this impact on the end user, us consumers.

A gluten heavy, artificially produced product, German’s call cake is now the result.

Sadly most ‘Gluten free’ products also contain heavily processed and modified starches, that are neither nutritious nor flavoursome. Have you tried gluten free crumpets for a weekend breakfast treat? Disgusting!!

  • I have also found through talking with my local naturopath at my local ‘HEALTH FOOD’ store that some of my tummy pain could also be down to the modified oils (Canola and Sunflower) found in dips and ajvar sauce/relish which I love. These are cheap and to be avoided I have realized.

  • ·This week I am going low FODMAP, which you may have heard of, for people with a range of IBS or Irritable Bowel Issues. I didn’t think I had it, until I tried again starting my day with Celery juice, as this I have heard from reliable sources helps stop bloating. Something I often wake up bloated from obviously the foods I have had the night or day before.

Today the celery juice gave me instant tummy pains and sure enough on my FODMAP app, it said it was a red. (I downloaded the free measuring data/research one which gives me the same traffic light colour as does the Monash Uni $9:50 one. I’m sure it does heaps more, but for now, it’s helping me makes the food choices that will hopefully cause less or no discomfort for a couple of weeks until my tummy settles down.

  • I also often eat a small piece of Aloe Vera plant which is awesome for reducing very quickly inflammation in our tummy.

I can report after today’s lunch and dinner all good so far. 😊

I hope this helps you as I have seen many people suffering unnecessarily.

Love to hear your insights.

As always, If I can be of support, just book a time below for a complimentary discovery Coaching session.

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‘To your Health

As great Health is our no.1 Wealth’

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