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Knowing your food and drink choices.

1. Alcohol is Australia’s most prevalent drug and causes significant harm in the Australian community.

Of the 16 million Australian adults who drink alcohol, 4.7 million are drinking at harmful or hazardous levels, and 1.9 million would be classified as alcohol dependent.

Last year saw a 300% increase in the calls for help for alcohol problems.

When Melbourne went into lockdown back in March 2020 shops were closed, except for bottle shops. What did that say about our societies ability to cope, to be resilient in those challenging times.

Not much!

That’s why I am so passionate about empowering people with greater self-awareness. When we know our triggers, we can prepare, use the skills and knowledge we have learnt to make better choices and behave better. This gives us the outcomes we want to have.


- Focus on what’s within your control

- Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones

- Refocus on the ‘NOW’, the present moment to drastically reduce stress and anxiety

Sadly, many people are not self-aware and unknowingly self-medicate to numb their pain or worries with drugs or alcohol, only to develop a downhill path with their relationships, performance, and health.

No one is perfect, especially me. We are all works in progress. The main thing is we learn from our experiences. Its not unfortunately compulsory, just highly recommended.

What about you?

- What have you learnt about yourself during these challenging times?

- What are your triggers?

- What’s your plan? Who are your supports?

2. Food

I have mentioned before that we are hard wired in our DNA to hunt for –

- Fats

- Sugars

- Salts

We just have to be smart about it before we are tired or stressed and automatically drive through the drive through without realizing it.

I prepare for the day ahead with my meals and water to allow me to be and perform at my best.

What about you, what have you learnt to do to avoid the traps of fast food/ junk food?

Mac chucks is very clever. They know this and fill their foods with the cheap, the nasty, sugar, salt, and fat.

As always contact me below if you would like support with this or any other topic.

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