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My 6 Powerful Healthy Living Tips For Busy Executives On The Go

Based on the latest wellbeing science together with ancient wisdom, the following tips will drastically improve the quality of your life and reduce your chances of stress, anxiety, getting sick, diseased or putting on weight, yet have you double your performance. Sounds good? read, apply and reap the benefits. J

1. MINDFULNESS or being fully present. Practice and it will take practice, being present at all times. Slowdown that brain of yours and live longer!! Guaranteed. Ok 80% in the now, right now, 10 % learning from the past and 10% planning the future. We generally do not have any problems right now, they are usually in the future, or from the past. When we are in the NOW or present moment, our stress and anxiety drastically go down and our performance and productivity go sky up!!

Think about it, before we even get out of bed in the morning our brains are off and racing. All day thinking about the future that hasn't happened and the past that is gone. Yet most of us dwell in these areas nearly all the time. As a consequence, we miss out on most of our own lives. Wow such a powerful way of being, or as in my case and others was not. The book by Eckhart Tolle 'The Power of Now' changed my life and has many others. Combine this with daily meditation and 4/7/8 intentional breathing. In for 4, hold for 7, and out for 8. In just one two minutes you will have turned off your bodies dangerous flight/fight response off and switched back on, your rest and digest where your brain operates at its highest function.

2. SLEEP science now informs us that the quality of your sleep is directly related to the quality of your life. Short and poor quality sleep, short life. It is really important to get your 8 hours of quality sleep most nights. Your body repairs and regenerates itself while you are sleeping. Try not sleeping and making executive decisions the next day! It won’t work. meditation breathing/mindfulness and visualising, still the mind slowly but eventually before you go to sleep.

Have you ever woken up and felt like you haven't slept. I’ve learnt the hard way, that not only does our body need a rest, but sometimes our mind needs more of a rest. That's because unless we take time to stop and clear the clutter and chatter from our heads before we go to bed, anything unresolved will keep us tossing and turning during the night. Clear the mind, wait for stuff to come up, sort out an action plan, schedule it, wait until your mind stills and then sleep like a baby. I know if I don't do this it bites me every time. 101 sleep hygiene also includes no electronic stimulation for an hour before we go to bed! We use a great sleep tea and lavender oil on our pillows, combined with a sleep story or meditation App that sets us up for a great night sleep.


The latest wellbeing science shows that the number one indicator of longest lived and happiest people on the planet, are people who feel connected, feel they belong to some sort of tribe.

This is of course part of our basic human programming. Connected to their purpose, passions, family, friends, community, partner and finally themselves. Who could you be more connected to? And what do you need to? Or who do you need to be, to make it happen?

Connect to your higher self, your true self, by valuing yourself more. What about valuing your time by giving yourself permission to stop, really stop, just for a few minutes, without the guilt or shame. These feelings alone will wreck your health and relationships if not let go of. Be fully present as mentioned, practice the 4,7,8 breathing if feeling overwhelmed and when your mind has quietened down, listen, listen to what your higher self is trying to say, your gut instinct that is always guiding us, but we are usually too busy to listen.


Grow your own, or Farmers Markets, Green Grocers and lastly supermarkets. Fruit and vegies, nut and berries and seeds. Chia seeds are awesome bang for your buck. Soak nuts and seeds overnight to ‘activate’ them so you can absorb the nutrients. Eat what is freshest and in season. A piece of fruit within 10 minutes of rising gets the metabolism going. Choose low HI foods, ‘Human Interfered’ with!! Food that doesn’t have a label or package where possible.

Eat 1/2 of your food raw and organic to reduce most diseases, including cancers. Cooked food kills the enzymes needed to assist our digestive system. Go sick on Anti-oxidant rich foods, ones with bright colours of the rainbow. Parsley, Extra Virgin (only) Olive oil with a freshly squeezed lemon from the garden for a dressing is great to. Pink Rock Salt, Pure cold pressed Coconut oil is the best. Use it also for butter, or moisturizer. In the arvo when you feel the need for a coffee, have a glass of water an apple and see and feel the difference. Travelling, I take an apple, banana, quality muesli bar (not uncle toby’s) and of course my stainless steel, water bottle…


The good news is the latest wellbeing science says people who are gym junkies, do marathons and ride around the bay in a day do not live as long as people who exercise organically or naturally.

Our heart needs 200 stairs a day to keep it in good condition. Exercise is a great tool against depression, helps against gaining weight and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. When done as a team sport, exercise also has the added benefits of helping our social, emotional and mental health.

Walking, riding a bike, taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator all helps to build good daily habits. Swimming, Tai Chi and Yoga are also excellent.

After all, millions of Chinese and Indians have been doing it for their health for thousands of years! Of course push ups are simple and great exercise for men and women to keep the chest firm! Want a six pack?, try the Pilates plank and on your side plank.

Instead of resting in the push up position you rest on your elbows and keep your body stiff and off the ground / carpet for as long as possible each day.

Great for that much needed attention area, the core. This will help prevent back pain and injuries. Are you motivated enough to exercise by yourself, or like me prefer to do it with somebody?


Most people do not drink enough water. 90% of headaches are from dehydration. Your brain is 77% water, your body 67%, not coffee or beer or wine!!

Approximately 2lt per 55kg depending upon activity, humidity and air con of course.

Drink filtered water where possible.

Our water in Melbourne may come from pure sources, but it certainly isn’t by the time it’s treated with chemicals for our old lead and copper pipes, breakages and it reaches us.

You can count fruit and vegetable juice, as long as it is natural.

Stainless steel or glass water bottles are safest from chemical leaching plastics.

3 glasses of cold water first thing in the morning helps get your metabolism working by up to 26% and helps to flush toxins and lose weight.

Hope these make a difference for your life, or a friend you care about.

Like what you found here, then please check out The Thrive Movement Australia more great tips and opportunities for Workshops tailored for your workplace or community.

'If you want to know what you were doing in the past, look at your body now.' 'If you want to know what you will be doing in the future, look at your mind now.' -Dalai Lama


Derek Rogers The Thrive Movement Australia Thriving Workplaces and Communities, Consultant, Speaker, Coach Facebook @thethrivemovementaustralia

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