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Poor Leadership and The Great Resignation Migration.

I have in past ‘Tips on Thriving’ and particularly with goal setting, asked you to be clear, really clear on your values. Not your parents’ values or workplace values; yours.

The clearer you are, the better place you will be in choosing not just what lights you up and gives meaning and purpose, in work, in a partner, but just as importantly, your boundaries around what’s ok and what’s not ok in your world.

This being the case there is no wonder many people who during Covid in the last two years have experienced, felt the lack of support for their health and wellbeing from their employer.

I have heard several people in my immediate circle have resigned in the last week.

And they are not alone. In case you haven’t heard, a million Aussies have or are thinking about leaving their current employer as they are across the US, UK and many other countries.

Microsoft research says 40% of the workforce globally have or is considering leaving their current employer. Wow! Did you know over 75% of employees leave, not because they don’t enjoy their job, but because of their boss, according to Deloitte Economics.

They have had enough, no more…. Had enough of what? For some it’s been,

· “working like a slave 60-70 hours a week with no recognition”

· “a random person from the Health Department wellbeing team rings once a week. not my leader”

· “leaving an abusive relationship”

· “leaving a micro-managing boss, manager or leader”

· “leaving a bullying, psychopathic, megalomaniac boss!”

· And then there is the boss with no clue, no idea.

Ok, let’s start here. Obviously, the above bosses are inept bosses and do not deserve your loyal, hardworking endeavours. Many of you have experienced a much better work/life balance around your family and your time over the last 2 years. Even when we are allowed or forced back into the office as with some employers, people are saying no more.

Once a week to catch up with the team is okay for most people. For those currently who can work from home and still need to because of the highly contagious Omicron, its more about not being supported. So, let’s look at why they haven’t been getting that support.

1.The wrong people in charge of people.

Sadly, when many business owners, or worse, HR or People and Culture are involved in employing people, they know little about people and culture! I’ve been told that it’s not part of their training to understand people. Today it’s all about compliance and being risk adverse.

Why? Because the people in charge themselves, the owners, the managers, the leaders often come from a finance, data, IT, or engineering background. All these people are generally known as left brain dominant, eg: HBDI (Herman Brain Dominance Instrument) this is the blue and green quadrants as seen above.

So, the problem is they are generally great with numbers and data, but often terrible with managing and leading people, because they do not get emotions and feelings.

Poor EQ skills. No wonder 90% of searches so far this year for training on zoom info is showing EQ skills!

Where our focus goes is where our energy goes. So, if your focus is all on the left-hand side of this quadrant as you naturally are hard wired for, then it creates a big problem ignoring and not understanding the people you work with who don’t think like you and are mainly on the right hand side, like me.!

This has been a huge and every increasing problem as from the GFC 15 years ago finance people have been put in charge of people with no leadership or EQ training.

A recipe for high staff turnover. The great resignation migration!

What do you think? What’s been your experience?

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