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The 4 Keys to Avoid or Recover From Burnout!

The 4 Keys to Recover or Avoid Burnout.

Hi Friends,

How are you going? How are you really going?

New research is showing 43% of people from over a hundred countries surveyed are experiencing burnout this year!

Fortune magazine goes further, expecting 80% of people to be at risk of burnout.

You have probably seen all the signs and dismissed them as normal. We have covered them in previous tips. I have also covered the following in more detail. Here are the main points for you or a friend again.

Let's get real and tackle it by not only avoiding it but recovering.  To go from surviving to THRIVING!

1.      Boundaries - with your Self Worth (time, duties, communication)

How are you at saying NO? Struggle like many of us at times. The key is to say ‘NO right now, but I can in 10/20/30 minutes” or give them a time or day when you can help them. By valuing our time, people will start to learn to value us. The more we value our time, the more people will appreciate our time. As the saying goes, people will only treat you, how you allow them to treat you!! We all get 24 hours in a day. How are you spending them?

You may not even be aware of why you keep doing extra for your job. But there will be a pattern of people pleasing. Or guilt and shame in there somewhere.

Remember 98% of all our day to day decisions are automatic based upon subconscious programs we have developed over the years.

That’s why as a ‘Mindset Coach’, I love empowering people to let go of the ones that don’t serve them well.

2.      Value and Increase your Self Care

A common issue with people who are experiencing burnout is their self care has gone out the window. Just as we talked about self boundaries, self care must be a non negotiable, or as I know personally, we can run out of steam.

Self care is not selfish, but self honouring!

I am not talking about going for a walk or doing yoga once a week. It must be what do you need to do daily and weekly to recharge yourself? Make a schedule. We all like and need different things. Things like, quiet time, walks in nature, exercise and good quality sleep.

3.      Sleep to repair our systems

Are you getting enough? Sleep that is. 6 hours minimum or it's doing you permanent harm. Less than 7 hours and you increase your chances of making mistakes by 70% according to leading sleep scientist Prof Matt Walker.

Sleep is also where our body repairs and heals us. Our immune system kicks in and does it work keeping us healthy.

We all have experienced getting run down and then sick from not enough sleep.

4.      Fuel/Nutrition + water

Are you diligent about getting enough water into you daily. Not coffee, red bull, beer or soft drink. We are 66% water, our brains 70%.

If you have a high demand work/lifestyle, then you need high performance foods.

There is a reason why Maccas, KFC, Pizza, Fish n Chips are called junk food!

Our brains confuse us. Requiring us to seek out Fats, Salts and Sugars for survival, but not for regular intake. We need to be smart and put good fats, (avo, olive oil ) salts (celtic sea salt ) and sugars (fruit) into our system or pay the consequences.

Love to hear your thoughts.




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