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The 6 Keys to Living a Long and Healthy Life !

Hi Friends,

How are you going  reflecting and scoring your wellbeing out of 10?

Given its Men’s Health week, it’s a great way to check in on yourself, then your mates.  

This morning, I was grateful to be a guest on a local podcast in their flash studio. It’s called ‘The Gold Diggers’, where they listen to your story and drill down for the gold.

If you were being interviewed, what would be your gold?

They found mine was being a big brother role to society, caring  for and empowering people to be happier and healthier in their lives.

They were stunned when I said I was going to live to 120. Not a hope, but a given, a knowing. They then went on to ask what the keys were to living a long and healthy life.

The 6 keys that I have learnt whilst researching living a long and healthy life are -

1.      Connection to people

Yes, it’s been proven to be the no.1 factor in longevity. This thing academics call social connectedness. You may be an introvert and prefer your own company, which is fine, but there is a big difference between alone and loneliness. Loneliness is a big contributor to depression.

2.      Mindset

All our day to day decisions on what to do and what to eat, all require a mindset that needs to serve us well. We all have habits, but how many of those habits are serving you well?  Do they have you heading in the wellness direction, or the illness direction?

The happy or the unhappy direction?

3.      Sleep

Is now proven crucial for our body to repair itself. If we are not getting 6 hours minimum consistent sleep most nights, it is doing us permanent harm according to Prof Matt Walker , a leading sleep scientist.

4.      Purpose

I have learnt the hard way, that we all need to find/develop our purpose in life, live it, then share it with others. To not do so leaves us flat, unmotivated, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Horrible feelings.

5.      Diet

Chose powerfully, intentionally what goes in your mouth. Our brains are hard wired for survival and when tired we will hunt for fatty, salty, carby foods. However, we are not going to die of starvation, so thanks survival brain, but I am prepared and prefer low HI (Human Interfered ) foods. Whole foods, raw foods, foods from nature, not a laboratory.

6.      Exercise

Our bodies are designed to move, not sit at a desk all day. So, move, move regularly. Move organically. EG; walking, riding, swimming or playing  sport. The longest lived and happiest people on the planet are not gym junkies.

Which one of these would make the most difference for your health, your longevity?


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