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We are all suffering from some form of GRIEF again. What stage are you at?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I have written a short article below interpreting the Kubler Ross grief model to COVID 19

If you are in Melbourne at the moment you will probably be living with GRIEF again. And if you are not able to see your family in Melbourne you will also be affected. I know I am.

I am hearing a lot of people say they are feeling angry, anxious and stressed at the reality of going through another lock down in Melbourne again.

If you have lost your job, have lost the ability to see your children, partner, elderly parents or loved ones, lost the connection of going into the office, you are probably going through some form of GRIEF again!!

The first step is awareness; self-awareness is power, then you can choose to do something about it.

In the generally accepted model from Kubler Ross’ 5 stages of grief, we can go back and forth through these stages and we can even become stuck, wallowing in one level/area for months/years!! Where are you at?


· The world can become overwhelming, meaningless,

· Life has no sense

· Feeling numb

· Just getting through the day


· Is a necessary part of the process and a part of the healing process!!

· We need to feel it, truly feel it, then it will begin to fade away.

· Needs to be expressed in a non-harmful way Eg: gym workout, run, ride, punch bag, pillow scream

· Anger can be a strength as it helps us survive.


· What if I….

· We can just….

· It’s ok nobody will know

· I don’t care

· Its only a couple of drinks, smokes, punts etc…

· It’s not every night

· Sleeping in

· Not getting dressed


· Feeling of emptiness

· Not a sign of Mental Illness, just a normal response to the loss of our quality of life


· Not about feeling ok with everything, but accepting the reality with life now!

We will have Good Days and Not So Good Days, depending upon what triggers us.

Hope this helps. Thanks to the lovely image from the people of ‘VeryWell’.

Derek Rogers-

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