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Are you listening to your gut?

HI friends,

How are you going?

How is your personal wellbeing program going?

Which of the W.H.O, 5 Domains of Health is your priority at present?

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social or Spiritual Health?  Or maybe its Financial Health?

For as we know, if this isn’t working, it will affect all others. Or could it be ‘Supports’ and someone to hold you accountable to sustainably implement these areas?

We all need people we can call on when needed to support us. Women are naturally better at this, and it shows in the suicide rate of men. Out of the 9 suicides a day, 7 are men! Men generally do not reach out or put their hand up for help.

 3 top mates are all we need. Ones that we can call anytime and say I’m feeling shit, and they will stop and listen. Or better still come and see you.

What is your gut telling you?

Which area when you stop, and listen to it, is calling you to act?

 It will keep niggling at you until you pay attention. For as I have learnt the hard way, the universe    if we don’t listen will first tickle us with a feather, then  hit with a brick, then a bus. So, it definitely pays to stop and listen before it hurts!

Maybe your gut is telling you something else! I know mine has been letting me know certain foods like wheat and seed oils, it doesn’t like anymore.

I recently had my gut biome tested by a naturopath as I wanted to get to the bottom of my bloating, brain fog and certain food reactions.

I am grateful as I now know why I have been feeling the way I have. I am on a recipe of medicinal herbs and pre and post biotics to re balance my gut flora and kill off the pathogens. I also learnt my body doesn’t naturally produce enough digestive enzymes.

So, what is your gut trying to tell you?

With Love


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