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How's your weekly Wellbeing program going?

Hi friends,

How are you going today? Out of 10?

(1 being so low that life isn’t worth living and 10 being on top of the world!)

It’s a simple but powerful self-reflective exercise I am using, and you can too.

As mentioned last week, it’s a great tool to use with our mates when checking in on them. Rather than saying how are you and we get the standard answers, ‘good’ ‘fine’ ‘ok’

We could say, hey, how are feeling out of 10 today, because it is a feeling thing.

Our daily aim is to be around an 8. If less, ask yourself or the friend, what is one thing you could do today to raise it up 1 notch or more?


I have also been writing about loving ourselves better. Taking better care of ourselves.

So how is your weekly wellbeing program going??

·         Do you have one yet?

·         Is it scheduling more self-care activities?

·         Is it being kinder to yourself mentally with your self-talk? 

·         Is it getting back into that exercise routine/program?

·         Is it sticking to that new diet?

·         Is it being more present to/in your life?

Or Is it having someone to hold you accountable to having the life balance, to be happier, healthier. Thriving like you desire and deserve?

If you could do with this support, just click on the link below and lets have a chat about what that support for you might look like.

In the meantime, may you create a restful and rejuvenating Easter.

With love

Derek 😊


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