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Be careful who and what is influencing you!

This week I’d thought I would share my tips for sustainable thriving. Whose advice are you taking?

Have you felt a bit lost, out to sea, not sure what you signed up for sometimes?

  • Are you the captain of your own ship?

  • Which direction are you rowing in?

  • Whose path are you following?

Its funny how we think we are going ok, or doing what we want to do in life, but then there is that something missing. Contentment, fulfillment, purpose, passion and reward to name a few of our drivers.

Speaking of drivers, do you know why you do what you do?

Do you know why you are chasing what you are chasing?

Do you really know why you follow certain people?

I ask these questions of you because I have learnt most of us are pursuing other people’s dreams.

We may feel ok for a while, but I have learnt it will bite us in the bum in the long run.

For example -

  • Doing a job our parents want us to do?

  • Choosing a career thinking it will make us happy because it can earn a lot of money?

  • Following fashion or music to fit in. Wanting to belong, be accepted, fit in. It is in our DNA.

  • Then there is our ego. We buy something we don’t need or can’t afford. To impress people, we don’t even know?

So if you are feeling a little lost, out to sea, rowing in circles, working hard, trying hard to please people, then there is one tool we can always use to get back on track.

Our built in Compass!!

It’s there to guide us through life. It’s our higher self, our true self. Our gut instinct.

Dr Demartini informs us, we will not consistently do anything outside of our value system.

It’s whose values we are listening and acting upon that is the question we need to stop and ask ourselves.

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