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How do you know you are burnout and how to recover!

Hi friends,

How are you going?? How are you really going?

I had to ask myself this question recently and the answer was I feel constantly tired.

I have felt bad that I haven’t had the energy to write regular blogs for you.

Why was this I thought? I have a great diet of unprocessed wholefoods and drink mostly water. I exercise and meditate daily.

Ok my sleep could be better, and my stress levels have been pretty high working on getting my new website, business products and services ready. Working often 12-hour days and having regular headaches, which I never get.

When I think about, I have been running on about 1/3 of a tank of fuel for the last 15 months. I never gave myself enough time to fully recover. There wasn’t any time to re charge over Christmas and top up my tank.

With moving interstate, getting settled over Xmas with us and my Mum moving up, being homeless last year for 4 months and working hard on connecting to my new communities and being of service to everybody except myself. Regular 6:30am breakfast meetings and often zoom meetings until 8pm.

My regular meditation and exercise, has on reflection only kept me going.

Over the weekend my wife was away for 3 days on a yoga retreat, so I said to her, I need my own slow down and STOP time. So I did. Lots of time down the beach. Swimming in the surf, walking along the waters edge and just sitting and breathing deeply.

No alcohol, lots of fruit and early nights.

I slept 10 hours Friday night, 12 Saturday and 10 last night!! Wow my body, mind and soul was saying thank you and about bloody time.

What about you. How are you really going??

Do you have any of the following -

Burnout Symptoms

  • Headaches.

  • Stomach aches/Gut issues.

  • Constant overwhelming fatigue.

  • Frequent illness.

  • Changes in appetite/sleep.

  • Poor concentration

  • Poor performance

· Sadness

· Anger

· Grumpy

· Increase in alcohol consumption or substance abuse

· Strained relationships

If so, you too are probably suffering from burnout or close to it. Its nearly the end of the year and many people have been feeling like this since Easter. All the uncertainty in our world has had us stuck in our fight or flight or our survival brain, where our digestion system turns off along with our immune system. The brain thinks we don’t need this as we are going into battle to fight or flight!!

What to do to recover?

Its not rocket science. STOP, give yourself permission to STOP for a day, a week, maybe a month is what you need. If you don’t sooner or later you will break down, emotionally, physically and mentally.

· What do you need to do to STOP?

· What is stopping you from STOPPPING?

· What is it costing you in terms of relationships, your health, your performance?

How to stop chasing and start receiving

Here is the thing I also learnt about chasing things. I needed to stop trying too hard to make it happen. This causes us to actually repel the things we want. Once I decided to STOP and allowed myself to, the universe actually rewarded me and gave me what I wanted.

Without trying, instead surrendering, whilst having complete faith it will be ok if I stop and it was.

Opportunity knocked and I was ready to receive! I have been reminded of a valuable lesson.

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