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We get more of what we focus on.

Hi Friends,

Its nearly Xmas, how are you going? How are you really going??

Last newsletter I wrote about being on the edge of burnout myself. The constant relentless effort of trying to connect with a new community, re-establishing myself and then the energy and time of putting a new business together was taking its toll on me.

On reflection, it felt like pushing, or forcing, instead of things just flowing.

I have learnt when we are in alignment with our higher purpose and are in a position to receive, things will flow. I mentioned I was probably only starting the year with a 1/3 of a tank of emotional and physical energy moving interstate and moving my Mum!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I took advantage of a window of stopping. My wife was off on a 4 day yoga retreat, so I too chose to STOP, SURRENDER and BREATHE!

Breathing deeply and slowly. Down at the beach I did this. Meditated for longer periods as well.

Then magic started to happen. I felt more calm, more at peace and had more energy than I had in the last 18 months.

I then used ‘THE LAW OF ATTRACTION‘ for me, not against me achieving, by focusing on how I now want to feel. How good life is. How grateful for this time, this learning.

Then, how I want to feel next year, what I want to do, to have. Not the standard other way around thinking of ‘I will feel happy when I have this, can do this!!’

I was and am reminded of this very important lesson. The more I can focus on how I want to feel and see myself doing the things I want to do, the more all of this will come to me.

If we focus on it’s not fair, we get more of those feelings of it’s not fair. This is how we get stuck. Stuck in our heads which is not helpful.

I learnt how to get back on track and I am so grateful.

What about you? What thoughts and feelings do you want to attract more of?? As our life is the sum of our constant feelings, not wealth, not things or places we are at. Feelings!

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